Radial Health: Your Expert Telehealth Physiatrists

Our telephysiatry services expand coverage for our facility partners, bridges gaps in care for patients transitioning home, and addresses community needs where there may be shortages of PM&R providers or during emergency situations.

Using this service, we can help ensure a smooth transition to home, keep people out of the hospital and address safety concerns such as medication management and medical equipment needs post-discharge.

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Telephysiatry Rounding Services

To complement our onsite PM&R services, Telehealth Physiatrists conveniently round on patients throughout their rehabilitation journey, including inpatient acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing centers, and assisted living facilities.

Our rehabilitation team will address conditions such as:

  • Decline in ability to do usual daily activities
  • Increased need for assistance
  • Falls with or without injury
  • Risk of fall (including but not limited to)
    • Decreased gait speed
    • Hindered balance/unsteady on feet/fear of falling
    • Difficulty standing, going from seated position to standing, or standing to seated position
  • Increased fatigue, weakness or pain
  • Decline of communication skills or cognitive decline
  • Need for equipment such as wheelchair, walker or cane
  • Increasing need for family or caregiver support
  • Belief that age or disability will prevent improvement or inability to benefit from exercise or activity
  • Family’s concern about loved one’s apathy or lack of participation in previously enjoyed activities
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Specifically addressing issues relative to:

Medication Management
Bowel and Bladder Care

Inpatient Rounding Services:

Telephysiatry in inpatient settings complements or replaces onsite physiatry medical director services. Our team has the flexibility to customize a telephysiatry program to meet your needs including:

  • a backup plan for needed call coverage, weekends, and vacations
  • routine coverage or backup support for hospitals and post-acute facilities

Benefits of the Radial telephysiatry platform:

  • Improved work-life balance for facility PM&R Medical Directors
  • Increased access to care, convenience and cost savings
  • Reduced cost of coverage and dependence on locum tenens
  • Greatly improved care and outcomes for rural communities, underserved and vulnerable patient populations, and to individuals unable to secure in-person care
  • Increased patient access with 24/7 coverage
  • Meet all regulatory and compliance rules for inpatient rehabilitation care
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Outpatient Telehealth Physiatry:

We believe in removing any barriers to access quality healthcare. In situations with Post-Stroke or MS patients, there is often a need for continued care, treatment options and direction from an expert in physiatry. Radial Health employs physiatrists experienced in treating diverse problems in the realms of pain management, sports medicine, and various complex neurologic disorders. We understand the needs of patients and healthcare systems, thus can offer telemedicine visits using an easy-to-use platform for patients to communicate their needs effectively.

To learn more about what physiatrists can help treat outside of rehabilitation settings, find more here:

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Home Health

Radial Health in cooperation with a Home Health provider will continue to provide care through telephysiatry while patients are receiving physical therapy in their home.

We can provide:

  • Collaboration with Home Health provider for real-time care collaboration post discharge
  • Telemedicine visits based on need while on service with Home Health
  • Proactive identification of therapy impediments, changes in condition
  • Improved patient outcomes post discharge
  • Improved care collaboration across continuum


We also offer telephysiatry for SNFs and ALFs in collaboration with your clinical staff. Radial Health can offer programs designed to enhance post-acute services and outcomes as well as augment coverage with one of our team members, as the physiatry expert in the facility.

This can help to ensure increased access to physiatry services including in rural areas with limited access to functional specialists.

How is the Telemedicine visit paid for?  
Radial Health will bill the patient’s insurance directly. As with any physician, applicable co-pays, unmet deductibles, and/or out of pocket costs will be billed to the patient.

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