Skilled Nursing Wheelchair Physiatry

Skilled nursing facilities are becoming increasingly more important in the sphere of rehabilitative care. More patients are now receiving rehab care in skilled nursing facilities than in hospitals and inpatient facilities, putting the staff at skilled nursing facilities under increasing pressure to provide higher quality patient care in a shorter amount of time.

We recognize that many skilled nursing facilities are faced with greater demands for specialized staff to handle complex rehabilitation cases, and lower reimbursement rates to provide optimal care. That’s where Radial Health comes in – to place high-quality rehabilitation providers where they are needed most. Our providers help skilled nursing facilities provide expert-level care without hiring expensive additional full-time staff.

Radial providers create individualized patient care plans, in collaboration with the patient’s entire care team, including the patient’s primary care and specialty care physicians. We base our care plans on the best evidence available. We assess therapies, diagnostic tests, and clinical decision rules for their value, while balancing necessity and effectiveness.

We work in partnership with care teams to improve outcomes of care while reducing the unnecessary use of resources. Our goal is to provide optimal patient care through a cohesive cost-effective care plan.

What We Do

Radial Health providers manage rehabilitation care for patients from diagnosis to discharge, allowing your staff to focus on their work more effectively.


We work with the medical team to diagnose the clinical and functional conditions that will impact recovery and return to most optimal level of independence and health.


Our providers create individualized care plans that guide their teams in providing exceptional patient care. This coordinated, physician-led rehabilitation approach includes weekly team meetings to discuss the patient’s functional status, barriers to improvement/discharge, expected length of stay, and more. They track and document each patient’s progress toward goals and identify any barrier to improvement.


Radial Health providers collaborate with caregivers, skilled nursing staff, administrators, and other providers to ensure comprehensive, outstanding care for each patient, as well as efficient use of resources for the facility. Together with the care team, our providers will set discharge goals for each patient, manage the patient’s stay, and facilitate transitions to the next care setting in a timely manner.

Roles We Serve

  • Consulting PMR Team member working to facilitate care and rehabilitation
  • Onsite support for short and long term residents with an understanding of managing healthcare resources and optimizing outcomes
  • Part of the care team and quality management process

Improve your facility’s five-star ratings

In the business of healthcare, reputation counts. Radial Health helps your facility provide outstanding patient care with careful coordination, better outcomes, and shorter stays, so you earn more five-star ratings from patients and their families. In our business, good ratings aren’t just stars. They represent real people who are enjoying a better quality of life because of your facility.

Radial Health benefits providers, patients, and facilities

Partnering with Radial Health means more than simply “having another set of hands.” Our specialized providers and system of care means better outcomes for your patients, less pressure on your staff, and lower costs for your facility and your patients.

Decreases Hospital Readmissions

Improves Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Improves Efficiency

Improve Metrics and Quality Measures

Improve Functional Outcomes

Reduces Patient Anxiety

Improves Regulatory Compliance

Saves Costs for Patients and Facilities

Hire the Leaders in Post-Acute Care