More and more patients need long-term acute care after being discharged from the hospital, and facilities are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. With industry trends constantly pushing for better care at lower costs, long-term acute care facilities are buckling under growing pressure to keep up.

Radial Health helps your facility enhance its level of care and maximize the return on every dollar spent. Our providers step in to provide exemplary long-term acute care while collaborating with your staff, caregivers, administrators, and other physicians to ensure cohesive treatment for every patient.

What We Do

Establish a rehab plan to minimize effects of prolonged hospitalization and physical recovery while in Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC)

Establish which type of post-long-term-acute-care is appropriate for each patient depending on functional status, therapy participation, nearby facilities, caregiver assistance, insurance coverage, and more.

Support your facility quality initiatives to meet goals for patient care

Improve your facility’s five-star ratings

In the business of healthcare, reputation counts. Radial Health helps your facility provide outstanding patient care with careful coordination, better outcomes, and shorter stays, so you earn more five-star ratings from patients and their families. In our industry, good ratings aren’t just stars. They represent real people who are enjoying a better quality of life because of your facility.

Benefits of partnering with Radial Health

Coordinated, comprehensive care from Radial Health carries multiple benefits for you, your staff, your facility, and of course, your patients.

Reduced hospital readmissions

Improved functional mobility

Improved efficiency

Reduced dangerous medical errors

Fewer unnecessary tests

Improved patient communication

Improved regulatory compliance

Reduced costs for the patient and the facility

Hire the Leaders in Post-Acute Care