Radial Health is committed to bringing the highest quality rehabilitative care to patients, and builds on more than 20 years of successful experience impacting inpatient rehabilitation and the industry. We start by collaborating with Hospital Leadership in the management of acute inpatient rehabilitation facilities or IRFs and extend to physiatrist employment including direct placement.

It is our objective to provide optimized patient care, deciding the most appropriate post-acute care setting for optimal outcomes, enhancing the overall operational synergy within the facility, while saving costs and maximizing resources. We work closely with the primary physicians and care teams to identify and facilitate the best rehabilitation plan of care.

Our physiatrists are readily accessible for consultation, and actively involved for a timely, smooth and efficient transfer in and out of the unit.

What We Do

  • Employ physiatrists and physician extenders e.g. nurse practitioners and physician assistants to provide comprehensive rehabilitative medical services
  • Train, coach and oversee physiatrists and extenders for full alignment, collaboration and integration with hospital initiatives, goals, standards and vision
  • Work in partnership with primary physicians, nurses, admission liaisons and social workers for effective and timely transfer of patients in and out of IRF
  • Spearhead census growth through relationship enhancement with hospital and community physicians, as well as PAC Providers
  • Provide physiatrist consult services in short term acute care hospitals to improve continuity of care, facilitate payer acceptance, and recommend the most effective post-acute rehabilitation plan of care.
  • Exceed CMS quality measures, organizational key performance Indicators, and regulatory compliance
  • Enhance documentation and coding
  • Provide Care pathways and co-management models for high acuity patients, and post-acute provider networks.

Conditions we commonly treat:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Speech and Swallow Disorders
  • Brain Injury & Stroke
  • Neuromuscular Disease
  • Musculoskeletal (acute/chronic)
  • Amputation
  • General Deconditioning
  • Arthritis & Inflammatory Conditions
  • Renal, Cardiac & Pulmonary Conditions

Radial Health benefits facilities, patients and providers

Supporting rehabilitative care across the post-acute continuum puts a stop to costly, time-consuming errors as well as inefficiencies that stall patient healing. With a Radial Health provider leading the patient’s care from start to finish, not only does the patient experience a more personal level of care, but their treatment is cohesive, informed, and streamlined – no matter how many steps it takes to get from injury or illness to reclaimed health.

Reduce Acute Hospital Readmission Rates

Improve Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Improves Efficiencies and Optimize Patient Care

Improve Metrics and Quality Measures

Improve Functional Outcomes

Improves Discharge to Community Rates

Improves Regulatory Compliance

Saves costs for patient & facility

Hire the Leaders in Post-Acute Care