• Care for and treat the patient as if they were our own family
  • Restore quality of life for patients and provide compassionate care of the highest quality
  • Strive to make the healthcare experience personalized, convenient, and a good experience


  • Exemplify service leadership in every interaction and every action
  • Promote teamwork/collaboration, inclusion and integrity
  • Strive to make Radial Health the best place to work and grow, feel empowered and fulfilled

The History of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation in the United States

In 1921, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) developed a high fever and lower extremity paralysis from a polio virus infection. His bout with polio necessitated his rehabilitation at Warm Springs, Georgia, where therapeutic swimming and sun exposure were believed to help him regain leg strength and physical endurance. An avid proponent of rehabilitation, FDR bought the property at Warm Springs and turned it into a comprehensive rehabilitative center to help others affected with polio regain independence in activities of daily living. The services offered there included heliotherapy, swimming, exercise, training in orthotic use, muscle re-education, massage, and occupational and recreational therapy. Warm Springs, Georgia, is believed by many historians to be the first facility to provide comprehensive rehabilitative care.

American Medical Association Journal of Ethics. HISTORY OF MEDICINE: History of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and its Ethical Dimensions

Community Focused

We are committed to the communities we serve and connecting/bridging facilities to ensure smooth transitional care and continuity of care across specialties.


We hold sacred the physician-patient relationship that is based on trust, dignity, and mutual respect. Our team is accountable and empowered to take full ownership for the care and well-being of our patients.


We work with expertise, commitment, and diligence, serving others before ourselves and embrace the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.


We strive to drive small and large changes to transform healthcare and demonstrate proficiency in what we do; utilize time, resources and finances appropriately.


We believe quality of life is paramount, and we pride ourselves on helping restore that to our patients. We only work with great people who share these ideals, want to have fun and help as many people as possible.

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