A Different Approach to the Patient Rehabilitation Journey

We focus on the patient’s mobility, function, and quality of life while optimizing resources for facilities and our partners. Radial providers collaborate on individualized patient care plans created with the best evidence available. We assess therapies, diagnostic tests, and clinical decision rules for their value, while balancing necessity and effectiveness.

Radial Health was founded over 20 years ago to provide full spectrum physical medicine and rehabilitation services for patients and their providers throughout the healthcare continuum. Our approach to care delivery is one of service to patients as they transition between settings and stages of health. By integrating seamlessly with facility care teams, Radial works to ensure both a cohesive care plan and exceptional patient service experience.

Radial Health’s philosophy and approach makes it uniquely positioned to enhance our “partnerships” in the healthcare continuum. We strive to understand the ever changing unique needs of each patient, healthcare facility, and the healthcare team in every level of the acute and post-acute settings. This understanding allows Radial’s experienced teams to enhance focus, process, and communication, with the goal of enhancing recovery, function, and outcomes for every patient and partner we work with.




Radial Health is committed to delivering the highest quality rehabilitative care to maximize functional performance and improve a patient’s quality of life through all post-acute settings while reducing cost for the entire healthcare system.


To be the premier provider of healthcare services across the post-acute healthcare continuum by fostering patient-centered, clinician-focused and cost-effective medical services


Subject matter expertise with a proven track record of delivering impactful results to hospital systems, and post acute care facilities


Highly trained PM&R clinicians adept at effectively leading care teams, delivering exceptional care and responding to facility leadership needs.

Outcome Driven

Positioned to address the changing needs of the post-acute industry by providing clinical-based solutions to address issues critical to our facilities


A strong foundation built over more than 20 years of exceptional reputation, solid relationships in the industry and exceptional patient-centered care

Visionary Entrepreneurship

Courage to tackle the changing landscape of healthcare and the belief that “one size doesn’t fit all.”

Core Values

Community Focused

We are committed to the communities we serve and connecting/bridging facilities to ensure smooth transitional care and continuity of care across specialties.


We hold sacred the physician-patient relationship that is based on trust, dignity, and mutual respect. Our team is accountable and empowered to take full ownership for the care and well-being of our patients.


We work with expertise, commitment, and diligence, serving others before ourselves and embrace the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.


We strive to drive small and large changes to transform healthcare and demonstrate proficiency in what we do; utilize time, resources and finances appropriately.


We believe quality of life is paramount, and we pride ourselves on helping restore that to our patients. We only work with great people who share these ideals, want to have fun and help as many people as possible.




The Radial Brand Story

Our company name, Radial, denotes a circle, core or continuum, representing the journey a patient takes to restore well-being throughout the healthcare system. We see our company’s, and our clinician’s, roles as the leaders and guides in that process.

The value we place on being Patient-Centered & Provider-Focused is reflected in our recognition of the needs of all stakeholders in the patient’s rehabilitation journey. To ensure optimal patient outcomes, we work in tandem with our patients and their entire care teams to facilitate transitions across communities across facilities and deliver cost effective and meaningful care.

The Radial Health logo represents our three focal points as an organization – Patients, Clinicians and the Points of Care along the healthcare continuum. The hidden “R” connects these critical components to form a single shape and at that core is Radial – leading the pathway throughout the rehabilitation journey and serving this community through collaboration.

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